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Create your Card

Match your myLink Card to your style or brand to create a unique and unforgettable card.


Custom Graphics

Match your myLink Card to your style or brand to create a unique and unforgettable card.

QR Codes

Share your myLink profile with anyone and with any smartphone, thanks to the integrated QR Code.

NFC technology

Instantly share your myLink profile by simply touching a new generation smartphone.

How does it work?

1. Purchase a product

Choose from a variety of smart products the one that best fits your lifestyle, your brand and your needs.

2. Create your Profile

When the chosen product will be delivered to you, create your Profile.

You won't have to download yet another App on your smartphone...

myLink works via browser.

3. Share

Share your digital business card using the purchased product or the QR code on your myLink Profile

What can I share?

With myLink you can share your Social Channels, links such as your website or other, documents (digital menu, price list, product catalog, etc.)

YouTube video and photo gallery directly to your myLink profile

You don't need to download an app to set up myLink.

The people you want to share your digital business card with don't need to have myLink to receive your contacts.

You have chosen a myLink product but

Don't have the graphics to customize it?

Contact us!

We create your graphics for FREE


Discover the new myLink Cards in Bamboo


Are you a Company?


Do you want to innovate your business by replacing old paper business cards, thus safeguarding the environment?


We are proud to partner with Ecologists


In an increasingly digitized world it is necessary to keep up with the times, while safeguarding the environment.


It is the number of paper business cards produced daily


It's the percentage of paper business cards that are lost after being shared


It is the number of trees cut down each year to produce the classic paper business cards

Sustainable packaging

Our packages contain only 100% recycled paper or from sustainable sources, the wrappers we use for shipments are made of polyethylene (PET) both are completely recyclable and/or compostable.

Fast and Safe Shipping

myLink uses DHL as a delivery service for the Products.

Shipping with Standard mode is FREE .

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Cos'è una PWA?

Cos'è una PWA?

Le Progressive Web App (PWA) sono applicazioni web avanzate che offrono un'esperienza utente simile a quella delle app native su diverse piattaforme. Utilizzano tecnologie web moderne, come Service...

Apple NameDrop

Apple NameDrop

With iOS 17 Apple introduced NameDrop, or the ability to exchange your contact card between two iPhones. Is this the end of myLink for us? Find out more by reading our article.

Cos'è la Tecnologia NFC ?

What is NFC Technology ?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication and is the technology that allows two devices to communicate wirelessly with each other. To be clear, it is the same technology used in contactless paymen...

Do you have an activity?

Discover our solutions dedicated to Shops and the Horeca world

(Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, etc)


Do you have a four-legged friend?

Discover the myLink Technology Tags dedicated to them.



Have any questions?

Find out the answers in our FAQ section

Our Support Team is available Monday to Friday: 9:00am to 6:00pmWe usually respond within the hour.

About us

Clare M.

Super satisfied

I discovered myLink through a friend. I have to say I was surprised by the simplicity and ease of use. The Card arrived within 24 hours and was very easy to set up.

Highly recommended product!

Matthew C.


I tried various products from various brands but myLink struck me for its unmatched quality/price ratio. Super intuitive graphics, the fact that you don't have to download an app to configure the product and to share the profile are noteworthy.

Ilaria P.

It seems made for me

I'm a photographer and I very often have to share my contacts and social channels with my clients. Thanks to mylink I can share them all at once, plus I save myself the money of printing my old paper business cards regularly.

5 stars are too few, very good!

Mary R.

Very helpful

I am an architect and I am very satisfied with my purchase, I bought several myLink Cards for my collaborators and a Hub for my studio. I give 4 stars only because some more flattered people don't know what NFC is, even if thanks to the QR code they still get the digital business card easily.

Pierpaolo A.

Goodbye printed paper

For years I have spent thousands of euros printing classic paper business cards. Thanks to myLink I not only save a lot of money but I am very happy to contribute to the protection of the environment. Of course, sometimes having some on paper is useful but now everyone has a new generation smartphone so there are hardly any problems sharing the mylink digital business card.

Franco M.


I have a restaurant, before myLink we had 5 different QR codes on each table... for the menu, website and various social channels. Thanks to myLink and their Hubs we now have a clean, beautiful looking and easy to use solution. Both my customers and I are satisfied with the service and products offered by myLink.

Roberta A.


For people like me who participate in many Network events, the use of myLink becomes indispensable. The people I meet save my contacts directly in their smartphone address book. Seeing their amazement when I share my myLink Digital Business Card with them blows me away every time.

I highly recommend it.

Luke F.

Effective networking

I participate in many Networking events... in myLink I found a cheap and easy to use solution to exchange all my contacts at once. I really enjoyed the insights section where I can see which connected links are most viewed, how many times my myLink profile is viewed and saved, and much more.

Extremely recommended!

Alessio B.

Almost perfect

I've been using myLink for several months... I've always had a great time, certainly something could be improved but I'm sure that other functions will be implemented with the next updates... otherwise everything is ok, I can't complain.


Julia R.

5 well deserved stars

I'm an influencer, I very often have to share my contacts... since I'm present on multiple social platforms and it's very useful to share all my social profiles at once.

Also seeing which of my social profiles connected to myLink are viewed the most is really very helpful for me. 5 well deserved stars!

Frances V.


I care a lot about my impact on the environment.

Knowing that myLink has planted trees thanks to my purchase can only make me happy, in my small way I too have been able to contribute to reforestation.

Simple and intuitive app to use, I recommended it and will continue to recommend it.

Robert b.

Effective support

Initially I had a lot of questions... I wrote via chat here on the shop to the support team and they were kind enough to answer all my questions very exhaustively.

I give 4 stars only because some of my peers don't even know what NFC is, even if once explained (it takes a few seconds) they too are pleasantly surprised. In any case, however, there is always the QR code with which the myLink contact can be exchanged.

Nicholas Z.

Save money, paper and time!

Finally I can say enough to the periodic printing of my paper business cards.

With myLink I not only save money but I'm also good for the environment by not wasting paper.

Of course, sometimes it is useful to have a couple of paper ones but I can say that I have reduced their use by over 90%.

Alexander F.

Tag myLink, a revolution!

Small, but mighty and super useful.

The fact that I can place the myLink tag on the back of my smartphone is super handy.

I am a personal trainer when I train my clients I usually only have my smartphone with me, so having the myLink tag behind my phone has revolutionized and facilitated the way I can exchange my info and stay in touch with my clients.

Angelarita A.

Very useful and safe

Sometimes it can happen that you are in a situation where you don't want to dictate your number aloud... with myLink you can exchange this and much more quickly and securely.

I really appreciated the privacy mode where only the people to whom I give my myLink profile code can view it.

claudia s

My clients love it

I purchased a myLink Hub several months ago when I opened my beauty salon.

I have placed the myLink Hub near the cash register and when my customers come to pay I ask them to bring their phone close to the myLink Hub.

In a second they can view my social channels, price list, make appointments and much more on my myLink profile. I am super satisfied!

Alexandra L.

Useful useful useful

I work in a consulting firm.

Having myLink means not only saving money by almost completely avoiding the printing of my old paper business cards but making a really good impression when meeting new people.

Really useful, super recommended!

Maichol P.

Nevermore without

myLink allows me to share all my contacts easily and securely, I'm having a great time in every respect.

I only regret not having met them sooner!

Mark G.


In my place (I'm a barber) there isn't good internet coverage so sometimes it can happen that the loading of my myLink profile of my business is a bit slow, but I recognize that this does not depend on the product purchased but on the internet coverage of the but area.

For the rest I am satisfied.

Alessio O.

Effective networking

Networking with myLink is a pleasure, when I share my digital business card via card or tag, all people are surprised, they also save my contact directly in their smartphone's address book, thus avoiding losing it.

Recommended especially for those like me who attend many networking events.

Christian M.

Cool products

I purchased a customizable tag and card.

both well made products, they were super easy to set up and even easier to use.

So far no problems...

Advised you!

Valentina Z.

Perfect for university

I have been using myLink for several months and I have had a great time!

At university I often meet many people and have to exchange my contacts... myLink makes everything faster and more interactive.

I am proud to have given my contribution to reforestation by purchasing their products.

Anthony L.

The future

I've been using the classic paper business card for years... I have to say I'm delighted to have discovered myLink.

With them I save a lot of money and I don't have to worry about periodically printing my paper business cards, with myLink I update all my info instantly directly from my smartphone.

However, I recommend keeping it as a paper ticket.

Federica D.

Goodbye paper

I'm the owner of a restaurant... before myLink we had several QR codes on our tables... sure they worked, but they were a bit confusing for our customers.

We have chosen to place myLink hubs on each table...

Now not only do we have a customized solution with the style of our restaurant but our customers have all our contacts in one place and can save our restaurant number directly in the address book of their smartphone. Highly recommended!!

Vanessa U.


myLink was recommended to me by some of my colleagues... I have to say that I was a little skeptical at first, but after trying it I can confirm that it's super simple to set up and use, plus you always have a good impression of yourself when you meet new people .


Charles C.


I am always looking for innovative gadgets as I am very nerd.

myLink has the right compromise between technology and ease of use.

So far I've had a great time and I must say that the wow effect in people when they see it for the first time is truly guaranteed.

super helpful!