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myLink | hubs

This display allows your customers to view your Business's myLink Profile, with the related Social Profiles and much more.


What can I connect to myLink | Hubs?

Social Profiles

You will be able to connect, for example, Facebook, Instagram, etc. profiles. of your business


Such as the digital menu of your restaurant, or a product catalogue. etc.

Contact details

WhatsApp, Telegram or simply the Business Phone Number or email.


You can add links to your business website, review sites, etc.

What are the benefits?

Customers can navigate directly to the Social Profiles of your Business, without having to waste time looking for it online.

Customers can save the Contact of your Business, with the related contact details directly in the address book of their Smartphone.

Customers find everything in one place. You can also add a photo gallery to your Business myLink Profile.


Make myLink design | Hub reflects the characteristics of your business

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Discover also the best Review Paper on the market

myLInk | Review Cards

Send your customers directly to the main review sites


What are the benefits?


Reviews help you rank higher in search engines

No Subscription

No hidden costs following the purchase


Allow your potential customers to get a sense of how satisfied your current customers are


Add your Business logo to the Review Card

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