At myLink, your safety is our priority.

No password is required to connect your links.

myLink does not have direct access to the links you connect.

You can see myLink as a bridge, "a bridge" that allows you to share all your content at once, without wasting time typing or dictating.

You choose what you want to share.

Your social profiles, website and more are already online, so they are accessible and can be viewed by anyone.

myLink does not interfere with your privacy.

What if a stranger touches my myLink without my knowledge?

  • Let's start with the fact that your myLink must be touched from a very close distance and with a specific part of the device. If someone views your myLink profile, for example, they can view your Instagram profile if connected, but the latter is already in the public domain. If you have bad experiences you can always block specific people through your socials.

Can I protect myself in other ways?

  • You can decide to make your personal myLink profile not visible, then choose to make it unsaveable, you can choose whether to make your connections private (only other myLink users will be able to connect with you) or public (anyone can connect with you), you can choose to receive or not receive messages in the myLink mobile app.
  • Alternatively, you can choose to make your profile visible only through a numerical code (password) of your choice. This way, only the people you share your code with will be able to view your profile. To do this, access our mobile app with your credentials, go to the Menu > Security section. From there you can choose to make your profile visible only through the code (password) that you choose. When a person views your myLink profile they will be asked to enter the code of your choice in order to view your profile.

How do you ensure the safety of your products?

  • All myLink products are previously "written" by us and it is in no way possible to re-write them with other data than a personal myLink profile. Our products have been designed in such a way that only one myLink profile can be connected to them, thus ensuring their security.

How do you treat my data?

We treat your data professionally.

  • myLink is based on Amazon Web Services, which is compliant with certifications such as SOC 2, CSA, ISO 27001 and others.
  • We use automated code testing, vulnerability testing (including OWASP Top 10), and continuous monitoring technologies.
  • We use AWS RDS AES-256 encryption to encrypt your data.

These are just some of our precautions to ensure the security of the data you enter.

However, we remain at your disposal.

For any questions or clarifications, write to us:

If you experience any security issues please contact our dedicated team:

Despite all precautions taken, myLink assumes no responsibility for any damage whatsoever. To find out more read our disclaimer by clicking here